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The quintessential villain who brings out the best in the hero and is the sole reason for his existence – the Joker to Batman, the Gabbar Singh to Thakur, the Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker. These are the guys and girls whose punchlines and schemes are remembered forever.

Plan, Create and Connect.

We are an award-winning creative marketing and advertising agency. We ideate, curate and execute marketing strategies to engage with our clients’ intended audience, all while integrating their brand with the digital world.

We take thoughts for ideas and create remarkable moments. We are always well prepared – with a bunch of crazy people, endless cups of chai and beautiful hideouts in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai.

Customer Delight

We make the customers orgasm when we lay out our ideas and creatives in front of them.

At Social Panga, we are driven by a strong innate desire to delight the customer to an extent that they want to give us virtual hugs (or send virtual kisses to the slightly better looking ones among us).

BTW, we live for occasional fatty foods, intoxicating liquids, and jalebis (yes, we’re a bunch of nice kids!)

We help you share your ideas with the world.

We give you the resources best suited for your brand.

We anticipate your needs better than you can.

We make a mean cup of tea and our coffee is “mwah”

Redefining Rules, without breaking them.